Earlier Is Better

The early years are a critical period for the development of speech and language.  During this time, the brain is uniquely in tune to all the sights and sounds from a child’s environment, and is rapidly developing all the necessary connections for language and speech. Children who demonstrate communication challenges benefit from services during this period of development.  In many situations, the therapy children receive at an early age enables them to reach milestones on target or close to the target, allowing children to "catch up" to peers.  Early intervention is key to helping children with communication challenges to develop and communicate effectively in the future.

Hearing Loss

Families of children with hearing loss have many choices when deciding on a communication modality for their child.  We specialize in developing listening and spoken language skills, and are experts with hearing aids, Bahas and cochlear implants.  Services provided include:

  • Auditory-Verbal Therapy

    • Listening and spoken language is a choice that is possible for most children, regardless of the severity of their hearing loss, when they are fit with appropriate technology.

  • Post-Implant Therapy

    • Children who rely on sign language and who receive a cochlear implant will benefit from therapy to learn how to listen with a cochlear implant and to become more confident and successful listeners.  Some children may develop sufficient skills to transition to oral communication, but all children will maximize their use of their auditory access.

  • Literacy Development

    • Children with hearing loss often struggle to develop age-appropriate reading and writing skills - we can help.

  • Mainstream Support

  • Distance Therapy

  • Evaluations and Assessment